Participating Cities

Right now, just in NYC, based at New Work City.

Leave a comment below or contact us to add your city to the Runway Project!

7 thoughts on “Participating Cities

  1. Hi TOny,

    Love this concept. We would love to launch this in Silicon Valley and at our new site coming in San Francisco. I have some great connections out here to help people in this area. Want to chat more?


  2. Love to participate! We’ve been talking about doing this since we opened! Count us in!
    Also, I’d be happy to do my “build your biz & your brand on a budget” seminar. It would have to be “virtual” but let me know if you’re interested. It’s really geared toward folks just starting out, or finding that what they’re doing isn’t working:)

  3. Tony, excellent work – lots of people in London *talking* about this sort of stuff, I think it fits well with some of the strands at the Tuttle Club. Would love to chat with you about linking up NY-LON 🙂

  4. Tony-

    Let’s talk. I’m relocating back to cleveland, and the time seems ripe for this there.

  5. Hi, Loved the idea of the project wish to start this in india, city called pune


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