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Selling Yourself: How to build confidence as an expert

It’s been said that public speaking is the biggest fear in America, just edging out death for the number one spot. Elliot Ronen would like to change that, he’s a techie by day and grad student by night who’s passion for public speaking inspired him to recently launch his Meltfaces.com blog. Face melting is all about knocking an audience dead with the right combination of confidence, speaking skills, and well crafted presentations.

Learn how to sell yourself and melt faces as @ElliotRonen discusses…

Selling yourself (without getting arrested): How to hone your interests into something you can package and deliver.
Giving stuff away without giving yourself away: The knowledge you have is more valuable than the knowledge itself.
Setting the networking tone; your passion is a service: Just because I know and you know that you’re an expert doesn’t mean you can say you’re one.
What a client is really interested in… they just don’t know it yet: Your client wants more than just an information repository. They want a voice behind that information that they can understand.
You’re a (very) local celebrity: Once you get on top, you have to stay on top. Avoiding the ranks of D-list experts by keeping up with A-list information and letting everybody in your circle know you’re doing so.

The format will be very informal and personal– attendees will be called on to participate in the conversation and tell their stories, and Elliot – our discussion leader – will include some lessons from his personal experiences and offer advice.